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About Miss South Eastern Massachusetts 

        Miss South Eastern Massachusetts is more than a beauty pageant. Our goal is to redefine what it means to be “beautiful”. We believe beauty starts on the inside. A young woman displaying strength towards herself and kindness towards others around her is the foundation of true beauty. A young woman who challenges standards, embraces her true self, and encourages these attributes in others, would therefore align with Miss South Eastern values. Being a Miss South Eastern title holder carries with it the expectation of thinking critically and responsibly, engaging with the local community, challenging oneself and one’s peers, and being a role model for other young women.


As a Miss South Eastern Massachusetts titleholder, you must be prepared to demonstrate how you positively impact your community and/or your plan to do this in the future. You must also accept the responsibility to be a role model both in person and on social media platforms; you never know who you’re inspiring!

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Kelly McInnis

Molly Simmons

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